Saturday, May 5, 2007

Two crazy girls in London!

Belinda was in the UK this week and we finally caught up today! It was great because nothing had changed and it didn't even seem like we were in London... well, except for the fact that we went to Oxford Street, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey!

Me and Belinda on Regent Street
(in front of Hamley's)

Bel and I on the tube
Me and Belinda @ Piccadilly Circus

We had such a great time catching up and had so many laughs - just like old times. We went to Hamley's which is a massive toy store and ended up buying these funky cowboy looking hats with glitter all over them. We vowed that we would wear them for the rest of the day - which we did. Typical of us. So, we have all these photos of us at Big Ben and Trafalgar Square with our glittery cowboy hats on. We got a few comments from random people about our hats but the best reaction was walking to Trafalgar Square when a huge group of guys whistled and clapped their appreciation for our awesome hats!

It was a great day and great to catch up with my best friend but it's going to be hard in London without her for another 18 months. I've been trying to convince her to come to London but I'm not sure how well that's working :)

Tomorrow I'm off to Thorpe Park with Jade and a few others so that should be loads of fun! Will keep you all updated and thanks for the emails/comments - keep them coming!



Bianca said...

your room mate sounds like a bit of a penis! tell him to chillax!

where is belinda now? how long was she in london for? its so good that you got to see her! too bad it was only for the day!

Anonymous said...

hi simone,
tell stefan to you know what lol
looks like you had lots of fun with belinda, love those pics, see you soon 5 weeks
love you mum

Anonymous said...

love you mum