Monday, May 28, 2007

My New Job!

I can now say that I have cruised down the river Thames! For free.. actually... I got PAID to do it. I had my first shift working in the bar on a boat that has function cruises down the Thames.

In typical style though things did not go to plan... I was meant to be at Temple by 12.30pm which was fine and I was perfectly on time (ok, so I was 'just' on time!) until I got to Notting Hill Gate where it took me 20 minutes to realise that a Circle line train wasn't going to come... So, after considering my options and sending a text to Matt (boss) saying I wasn't going to make 12.30 I took an alternate route to Temple. I eventually arrived 20 minutes later, which I thought would be fine because I thought Matt had asked me there at 12.30 so that he could brief me on what would be happening...

Well... turns out the boat actually LEFT the pier at 12.30 so I had missed it. Matt told me to catch the DLR to Cutty Sark and meet him at Greenwich Pier which took another 30 minutes but eventually.. I was on the boat!

As it turns out, the boat didn't actually leave for another hour after I'd arrived so we could all have left later anyways.

The actual shift was great. I had forgotten how much I liked working in a bar. Except the people we were serving were upper class snobs who waved their money around like it was nothing. I said to one guy who'd asked for a tequila shot that it'd be £3.70 which for a shot is bloody ridiculous and he looked at me as if I were crazy to even bother mentioning the price!

On the way home I was walking down my street and because I live quite a fair way down I always make sure I know what's going on in my surroundings - I heard fast walking behind me so I turned to look behind me and a guy (a HOT guy) says 'it's ok, don't worry' so I make some comment back and keep walking. I'm almost home and this guy who'd just walked past me into the same house as me... he lives in 85B (downstairs) and I live in 85A (upstairs). He didn't believe me at first until I pulled my keys out and opened the door. Fucking unreal, I have a hot guy living underneath me! I need to make sure I bump into him more often but damn I bet he has a girlfriend!

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Anonymous said...

hi simone, that sounds like fun, crusing on the thames, hey maybe you meet a rich guy lol so we can share the money, be carefull at night
love you