Sunday, May 13, 2007

Thorpe Park

I mentioned in a previous post that a few of us would be going to Thorpe Park. Well, we went last weekend and my goodness.... talk about dramas…

Firstly.. I was meant to meet Jade at 9am. After this day I have learnt never to listen to Jade’s time and that I should always extend it by AT LEAST one hour. We didn’t end up leaving until 11ish – this was by no fault of Jade’s. We ended up arriving at the theme park around 1ish (our plan was to be there by 11.30!) but no worries, we were just excited to be there.

Well this is where the real drama begins. Alice had booked the tickets on which gave us £18 tickets instead of £32. To confirm her online booking it said that she just needed to collect her tickets on the day. So we went to the ‘pre-booked ticket’ offices and gave them all the information for our tickets…

Only to be told that they had no information regarding Alice’s booking and that there was nothing they could do.

We had travelled all this way only to be told that the booking through hadn’t gone through and we had no tickets to get inside the theme park. If we wanted to go in, the manager was saying that we’d have to pay full price. We were furious and tried calling but they were SO rude and unhelpful. When the manager saw us again (an hour later) he offered us £22 tickets which we took.

It was such a frustrating experience because the Brits are so damn rude when it comes to customer service. In Australia, the customer is always right even if they are completely wrong. In the UK no one gives a shit.

Apart from that minor setback we all had a great day. The rides were amazing. We went on one called the Samurai… I screamed my lungs out. Kirra was sitting next to me with her eyes shut and after the ride she told me off because she was bloody scared as it was (I told her the ride would be less scary then the roller coaster we just went on – pfft, how wrong was I!) and because I was screaming so much it freaked her out even more.

Eventually we hope to go back there to go on the rides that we didn't get to go on.

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Anonymous said...

Good god I wish I could work in the UK.. I get sick of giving good customer service :P
Good to hear you're enjoying yourself!

Kirsty xx