Thursday, May 24, 2007

Flat mate dramas

After posting our ad on the Gumtree website and having a load of people view the flat, it seems like we have two suitable candidates for the room... One is a German guy who seems lovely and he and Stefan would get along really well... the other is a British girl who I would love to share a house with (too bad I'm the one moving out and not Stefan!) but she wants to move in 2-3 weeks which doesn't suit me at all.

So, I am pushing Stefan towards the German guy who... haha... is also called Stefan!!! I had to ask him to repeat his name when he spoke to me on the phone to ask if he could view the room.

I have actually found a room in Shepherds Bush which is actually a pretty dodgy house in regards to the fact that it is small and the kitchen is tiny but.. the room is HUGE - comes with a double bed, desk and wardrobe which is great and it is around £130 less a month than what I'm paying now. There is also no deposit, only the first month's rent which is amazing for London. I can move in ASAP, hence why I want Stefan to get this guy in on the weekend.

Because my ad was placed on the Gumtree, we also got someone for Sarah's room which we weren't planning on advertising for another couple of weeks so that works really well. He is downstairs at the moment but I want him to go so I can talk to Stefan about MY room since that is the more pressing issue at the moment.

So, all looking good on the moving out issue. Not the big drama I thought it could be.

Random notes about my travel plans for the rest of the year...
Amsterdam in June for 5 days!
Germany in June for a weekend (just to visit family but I really should try to get to Berlin or Munich for a weekend!)
Mum comes to visit me in London at the end of June for her birthday :)
Jade and I are discussing Spain for the Running of the Bulls but not sure that's gonna happen :(
Hopefully Ireland at the end of July
Greek Islands in August
Seattle for Christmas with Mum!

I need the rest of the time to save my money and pay off my credit card! I honestly wanted to do more travel than this but realised it's just not realistic. I am actually doing a fair bit and I hope Jade and I can fit in Spain. Not sure how I'm going to afford it all but I will manage. Budget is becoming a key word! I have spent so little money this week because I went shopping and I have only eaten at home and taken lunch to work with me. I haven't even bought any drinks at the tube station on my way to work which is awesome for me. I am doing very well. So, hopefully my credit card situation won't be so threatening within the next few weeks!

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Bianca said...

9 pound an hour to work in a bar! is that even legal??!!
im glad the house things going well, and that stefan will be out of your hair soon! why have you started to hate teaching? will you ever consider taking up a full time position? are they still offering? then you could travel on the weekends?