Saturday, May 26, 2007

I'm a teenager again!

Kirra and I decided that we just had to go out and dance! We've been spending too much time at Jade's house on the weekends and doing house parties or going to Belushi's in Shepherd's Bush that we were just itching to go somewhere that had good music, great atmosphere and cheap drinks.

We had a few drinks at my place before heading to this pub in Hammersmith that someone had told Kirra about. It is meant to be a pub down the bottom and more clubby upstairs - and the best news of all - it was open til 2-3am which is so rare for London! We were so excited and we trek off to this place, already slightly tipsy due to the 3/4 bottle of wine we'd each drunk!

It was such an awesome night because they played so many good songs and we danced so much! The drinks were reasonably priced as well (£2.95 for a double shot of Jager and 1/2 can red bull is great) although we didn't really need to drink much once we were inside. I spent about £10 over the course of the night and that's only because I bought a kebab on the way home (man did I regret that in the morning!)

Anyway, when we were inside Kirra started talking to this guy because he seriously looked as though he was 16 and she was laughing at him, doubting that he really was legally allowed to be in the pub. While she was talking to him his friend started chatting to me (he also looked 16). He asked me how old I was and me, being me, asked him to guess how old I was... Can you believe that this guy seriously thought I was 19... It made me laugh so hard. When I told him I was 23 and a teacher he started laughing so hard I thought he'd fall over. I had to show him my teaching registration for him to believe me. Turns out he was only 17 too! It made me laugh and he thought Kirra was older than me when she is actually younger than me! I can handle being told I look like I'm 19.

For the life of me, I could not tell you the name of this pub though. Kirra and I definitely plan on going back so when we go back I'll let you know what the pub is called.

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Anonymous said...

well what a great compliment, you are a beautiful young lady love you