Wednesday, July 18, 2007

5 and a half months - Wow!

Ahh well it's Wednesday and while school doesn't officially end until Friday, there is little chance that I will be getting work for the next few days. Meaning, my summer holidays start from NOW! Except for the small fact that I've got to make my way down to the school where I might be teaching Year 6 on Friday's next year to meet the head teacher...

I'm once again in the process of trying to find a new house which is once again proving quite difficult. I did find a gorgeous house in a great location only to have the house mates choose someone else for the room. Always disappointing but I'll find something else. Only, I need to move out by the end of this week OR have found a room ready for me to move into once I am back from Ireland. It sounds complicated but it'll all work out - it always does. I'm also not looking for a single room anymore, I'm looking at sharing. It works out so much cheaper. I don't know if you remember me telling you this but I always swore I would never share a room while I was in London. I was adamant that I would always have my own room. It's funny how things change. I don't doubt that sharing a room could be hard at times but I want to live in a house which has alot of people in it so that I don't get so bored. I've got a few that I'm checking out tonight so I'll keep you updated on my progress.

Can you believe that I've been in London for 5 and a half months already? It has gone so fast and there are so many things that I still want to do! I've decided that next summer I'm going to Ibiza and Croatia and as my main summer holiday. I'm going to try and fit Scotland in this year, during the October school break but we'll see how my finances hold up! I've actually done a lot of traveling this year even though I've gone back to some places that I've already visited.

I will keep you posted about my house hunt and I can't wait to write all about my travels to Ireland and the Greek Islands!

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