Monday, July 30, 2007

24 hours in Ireland

After leaving home early and rushing to get to the airport to make my 2pm flight only to realise my flight doesn't leave until 4pm and standing in the Easy Jet queue for an hour and then realising I'm actually flying with Ryan Air, I finally made it to Ireland.

Typical Simone dramas and I'm sure you're all laughing at me right now (and those of you who saw me off at Tullamarine airport would be laughing even harder, I'm sure - but I handled this situation in Maddie style this time -calm, cool and collected!)

So, I found my way rather easily to the hostel and it's actually a really nice hostel. Nice beds, awesome showers, lots of hot water - no complaints at all. I met these two random people in my hostel room when I arrived who were heading out when I got into the room and they invited me out with them. So, I agreed, not realising they were planning on taking a taxi (think: money!!!) Anyways I'd already said yes, so off I go with them in this cab to this really upmarket bar (think: expensive!!!). I offered to buy ONE of the guys a drink because he footed the cab bill but the other girl expected a drink too. So, I got stuck buying the first round - and for three drinks it cost me £14! They ended up shouting the next rounds but man there is no way I'd have spent £14 on drinks for me that entire night and my share of the taxi wouldn't have been that much so I was frustrated because I consider that to be such a waste of money. In 24 hours I have managed to spend a total of 80 Euros. I'm hoping that my spending eases up once I am on tour, which I guess it will because all I'll need to buy is food and souvineers (Jade said alcohol but I'd rather drink cocktails in Greece than beer in Ireland).

Random note but Ireland has no talent at all in the men department. They're all bloody ugly and in the club that I went to last night (read: another 10 Euro entry fee!!!) they were disgustingly drunk and kept stepping on my toes and spilling drinks all over my nice, clean clothes. Not impressed.

Aside from Ireland being the most expensive place I've been to thus far, I am enjoying it alot. Today I went on a hop on-hop off bus which took me around to all of the sights - I snapped a fair few photos and went into Kilmainham Gaol which was a bit creepy.

Sorry to those of you who I haven't emailed in ages, I have been slack and there is no excuse for that! I do miss all of you and I do think of you but am just not good on the whole email thing.

P.S Do you really think I can be Maddie still or is that just wrong??


Anonymous said...

hi simone,
i loved this part of the blog, and yes i laughed was so funy, enjoy my girl. miss you love you

Anonymous said...

You can ALWAYS be Maddi!!!! Oh! I am not at all jealous that you will be spending New Years in Paris; not at all.
Amy xx

paddy said...

I've never met an attractive Australian woman.