Friday, July 27, 2007

The British Truely Believe a Cup of Tea Fixes Everything!

The title statement is true! Whenever I am feeling upset, stressed, unhappy or the like, Laura (my British house mate) always offers me a cup of tea because "it is good for you and will make you feel better". Even at work everyone keeps offering me cups of tea, "Simone would you like a cup of tea" and when I refuse, people stare at me as though I'm an alien from outer-space. Those of you who know me well, know that I absolutely detest drinking tea of any kind. Seriously, it's not that great! But the British firmly believe that tea fixes any problem, big or small.

Some examples of tea coming to the rescue...

Girl on tube: My boyfriend just broke up with me *sobs*
Friend's response: Oh dear. Have a cup of tea and you'll feel much better.

Male driver: I just ran over a cat!
Male friend response: Sod it, let's go get a cup of tea.

Old lady: Boy it is cold today
Granddaughter: Let's have a cup of tea to warm us up then, shall we?

Ok so I haven't exactly heard those conversations but seriously, the British will use any excuse to have a cup of tea. I am never going to jump on board the tea drinking bandwagon. I would rather be an alien from outer-space than drink that sweet smelling but vile tasting liquid. But, each to their own and bless the British and their tea.

I have to admit though, I can understand the British wanting a warm drink these days because it has been raining so much lately. Jade summed things up nicely. She said that we always wake up to a false sense of security. First thing in the morning it appears to be a nice day, the sun may even be shining... but we all know that, without fail, at 3pm the weather is going to take a turn for the worse and will pelt down with rain. My usual outfit these days is jeans and a singlet because it is semi-warm in the mornings and then I always make sure my umbrella is packed in my bag for that afternoon rain.

Anyway, today I met Kelly at Baker Street Station for a nice, hot Starbucks coffee because by this stage the weather had gone downhill. After I said goodbye to Kelly I jumped back on the tube and headed to Bayswater where I watched the latest 'must-see' movie of the year.

The Simpsons Movie!

I have to say that it was a great movie with lots of funny scenes. I wouldn't say that it was the best movie of all time but it is The Simpsons on the big screen. Basically, Homer screws up and turns Springfield into a toxic dump site. The people of Springfield aren't happy and chase Homer and family out and they move to Alaska only to find that the government wants to try and abolish their beloved Springfield - so they have to try and save the day. It made me laugh and there are plenty of classic jokes that you would only find in The Simpsons. Well worth watching.

I have found that my confidence in using public transport in London has grown considerably since arriving 6 months ago. Never before would I have considered catching a bus home. Normally I take the tube but lately I have become more reliant on the bus system and I have found that buses, despite having to wait longer for them than the tube, are quite convenient to use. There are heaps of buses that take you to heaps of different places. I think that the reason it took me so long to become confident catching buses is because I am now more familiar with London geography - I generally know which way I'm meant to be going and I've pretty much sorted out which buses go where in my area. Moving to Chiswick will be fun because I'm going to have to sort out the bus situation again. I'm sure it will be a lot easier now that I've worked out the system.

Lots of blogging has been done by me lately! Leave comments so I know if anyone is still even reading my blog. I don't care if no one does read it cos this blog is also for me to remember things but it's still nice to know that people read it!



Cassie said...

Hii =D

I thought i would leave u a comment to tell u i am still reading ur blg and i chek it nearly everydaii!

Its good to no wot u get up 2?
I always imagine it in mi head wot u sai! It makes me miss u so much more tho!

Well i think i am goin to c the Simpsons Movie this weekend with dad, but i aint sur eif he is gna get tickets where we go coz in Werribee its all sold out until Monday! Its a bit bizarre!
It only just came out yesterday haha!

Well love u && miss u heaps

homer said...

I have never read your blog and I'm not reading it now. So there.

PS Can Cassie spell?

Anonymous said...

i love your blog simone,
and enjoy reading all the great stuff your doing cant wait till you write more, about ireland,love you

cassie if you happen to read this,
whats wrong with your yahoo email

Anonymous said...

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