Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Shock Horror!

Oh my goodness - I am shocked!

I knew London was the worlds worst place to be when it came to weather but even today shocked me! I was at work when it started to rain - which I have to admit has happened quite a few times in the supposed British summer...

Anyway I was on my merry way heading home when I came out of the tube station and stopped dead in my tracks. Surely I had only been on the tube for an hour and it was still only 5pm... so I checked my watch to make sure that I didn't lose track of those extra 5 hours because outside it was dark, gray and overcast - a threatening storm looming!

So, I make my way to the local Sainsburys and spent 5 minutes browsing before I go to exit the store.. When I went to leave the rain had started and it was bucketing down so hard that there was no way I would be leaving the store without getting completely soaked within the first... hmm.. 2 seconds! It was shocking! To make matters worse - there was HAIL! Yes I kid you not - hail in London during their supposed SUMMER!

I couldn't believe it but you wouldn't guess what happened about half an hour after the storm - yep, the sun came out!

Bloody London!!

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