Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Weather, Harry Potter and HOLIDAYS!!!

I woke up this morning expecting to see more rain - but - the sun is actually out! I couldn't quite believe it and I had to check a few times to make sure I wasn't dreaming, but yes - the sun is actually out. But the question still remains...

How long will the sun stay out for?

It is a question I grapple with each day because it makes choosing what to wear extremely difficult. I think I will wear what I wore yesterday, a white singlet top and jeans (and I will wear this for the next few days regardless of weather since I have no clothes cos they're all packed and ready for the move) but then it will probably turn really cold. Or, turn so hot that I wish I hadn't worn jeans. You just don't know with London!

On the weekend, I went to the TOAST festival. Basically, this hosts a collection of Aussie food and wine, even Aussie entertainment. I saw Kath and Kim and Ella and Jessie Hooper from Killing Heidi (and those of you who know me really well would know that I *loved* Killing Heidi when I was younger!) so it was a good day. I got a free ticket through my teaching agency SANZA but I went alone which kind of sucked cos it was the kind of day that would have been better had friends come along (they couldn't because tickets were sold out). Although I did meet up with Kristie at some point during the day and I spoke to some of the SANZA crew at the stand. I bought some Milo and some cheap Havianna's that even have an Aussie flag on them! Excellent. I got free lolly bags with chickos, strawberries and cream, snakes, minties, etc. You can't get them in London. Ok that is actually a lie - you can get these from London but a) not in supermarkets so Londoners don't know about them anyways, and b) they're bloody expensive (think £2.50 for a bag of lollies!)

Other random news is that I gave in and bought the latest installment of Harry Potter because the book was only £9 for hardcover which you have to admit is pretty good value. So that might be either an Ireland or Greece read.

Speaking of Ireland and Greece, I am so excited about both! I can't wait to blog when I get back. And when I'm back from Ireland, I move straight into my new place. I met more of my flat mates last night and they seem really nice. One seems like she could be a bit of trouble if I get on the wrong side of her but I'm hoping that she just takes some time to warm up to people. With 10 people there is always one I may not get along with the best but at least I'm not sharing with her!

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