Thursday, July 26, 2007


I am a big believer in procrastination! This is why I am sitting in front of my laptop blogging rather than doing the millions of other tasks that I should be doing!

I really don't have millions of tasks to do but I do need to pack for Ireland before shipping all my stuff off to my new house. This has proved to be a massive pain in my arse because I have managed to accumulate so much crap in 6 months that it takes 2 HUGE suitcases and several small bags to transfer what used to be just one HUGE suitcase and one small carry on sized bag. Even though I praise myself on not being a hoarder I just can't seem to get rid of anything that I've bought thus far. Most of it is useful or will be at some point (esp those jeans that WILL fit me when I start my diet - I promise!)

Kelly actually laughed at me the other day because I wrote this comment on her Facebook page..

my room is looking incredibly bare and i am shoving things into my suitcase - loads of fun cos i'm trying to work out what can be shuffled into hiding while i go to Ireland! Either way I still have a shitload of stuff - where do I get it from?! I went shopping today and bought some jumpers for Ireland and tomorrow I think I will buy a bag to take on board the plane for random stuff like - hair dryers, lol.

She then went on to respond with this message and I had to laugh.. It just goes to show what a shoppoholic I am!

I think it's funny that you wrote 'I don't know where I get this stuff from.' immediately followed by 'I went shopping today.' You're hilarious! I hope you're getting excited about your trip and packing up isn't being too evil!

Cos it is so true - I seem to always come home with something or another - mainly food so that gets eaten so I don't understand how I end up with so much stuff. Although I sometimes *ahem* buy unnecessary stuff.. here is a list of several things which I probably could have gotten away with not buying but at the time I just had to have...
  1. a handheld fan (it is hot on the tube but I've never actually used this, even at home!)
  2. green contacts (because I thought it would be fun to change my eye colour but I can't even put them in)
  3. deodorant when I don't even need any at the moment (but it was on sale!! And I will use it - eventually!)
  4. photo frames (I really could just blu-tack the photos onto my wall)
There are probably countless more things which were not needed but I can't seem to help it! I will make more of an effort to not buy so much but now that I'm paying less rent I can afford to shop more! Oh dear!

I have just gotten back from coffee with Kirra (hmm maybe I should add that to my list of unnecessary purchases) and we were discussing our Friday night plans! Turns out that Kirra can get cheap tickets to The Vegemite Tales from work so we are going to see that. Blair from Big Brother / Neighbors is in it and it is all about Antipodeans living in London so it should be good. We should relate well to it. I am also going to be staying with Kirra while she dog sits in Richmond because I am trying to move out of this place and it'll be great to spend some time with Kirra before I go on my travels. It's funny how much I miss my friends when I travel.

Oooh I just heard my taxi driver ring the doorbell to collect all my suitcases! More from me later!

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