Saturday, July 7, 2007

Missing Madeleine


I'm sure most of you would have already heard all about missing Madeleine McCann. I'm not sure about the rest of the world but I know in the UK the publicity surrounding her disappearance is huge! There is so much controversy about why she should get so much attention when other children go missing every day but nothing is mentioned in the papers. A valid point I guess but at the same time, if her parents can afford to get Madeleine's face plastered all over the world then there would be a better chance of her being found. It is horrible that other children go missing and don't get this publicity but things aren't always fair.

Madeleine is promoting awareness for other children who are abducted too. So while other children may not get the publicity, the awareness amongst us now is that abductions do happen on a regular basis and that it is easy for it to happen. We need to remember that we can't think that these things just won't happen to us. We all think we're great parents (or would never let something like this happen to us) but hopefully this awareness makes us think twice about the decisions that we make.

I don't believe what this world is coming to though. Terrorism, abductions, murderers, etc. Why does all this stuff happen? Was it always like this when we were kids or were we just naive and oblivious to it all? It makes me really sad to know that the world we live in and the world we will be bringing up our children in is not the safe haven that I hoped it would be. You can only shield children from so much and after teaching such a wide range of children in British schools I have learnt that they are growing up so much quicker. Gone are the days of playing with dolls and living in innocence. Children know way more than they should at the ages of 5-9! And to think, this is our future generation. That is actually quite a scary thought because half of these kids are growing up without learning respect - thanks to the Australian government offering $3000 or something for each child born - does anyone else think that is a ridiculous idea?

Anyways, there are my random thoughts for today.


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