Friday, July 27, 2007

New Travels

I spoke to Kelly this morning and the lovely lady that she is told me that RyanAir are doing awesomely cheap flights for £0.01! So, she had booked a trip to Stockholm and I decided to join her even though I am meant to be working that week - who cares, cheap flights are great and I am here to travel so I think work will survive without me for that week! I kept looking at more flights and decide that I also want to go to Brussles - so I'm off to Brussles as well!

All up, these two flights cost me £30 return! This is what living in London is all about. Mind you, I'm not sure there will be enough money on my credit card to pay for all of this but I have since discovered the whole philosophy of 'book now, think later' works extremely well.

We also booked our flights to Paris for New Years so now all we need to do with that is wait for Kirra to book her flights and then we need to find some accommodation. How cool is it that I'll be spending New Years in PARIS!

So, it's all exciting for me at the moment. I am thrilled at the prospect of seeing even more countries, especially as it was so unplanned! So, lots of blogging will be done to tell the tales of those adventures! It seems like I spent the first 6 months working my way up to being able to travel. Now I feel more in control of my finances and I think that things are working themselves out beautifully. This has helped me to stress less because now I am learning that no matter what things were like before, they always turn around and work out in ways I wouldn't have expected.

So to sum it all up my travel plans are as follows:
  1. Ireland
  2. Greek Islands
  3. Scotland (hopefully)
  4. Stockholm
  5. Brussles
  6. Seattle (for Christmas)
  7. Paris (for NEW YEARS!)

Wow, that is a pretty amazing effort.

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